career objectives

To inspire strength, precision, and reflection through a holistic, challenging yet thrilling yoga experience. My aim is that the student can take the energy, mental peace and inner strength (tolerance, focus, etc) they have found during the class into their daily life. Another goal is to share with others what my personal practice of a yoga and meditation lifestyle of over a decade has added to my life.



In my classes I specifically work on weak spots, correcting posture, building well aligned and ailment free bodies as well as strength and flexibility. Feel good at home in your body and with your mind.

Urban Yoga
2006 – 2010
Bhakti Lounge
2010 – PRESENT
Vic Uni Kelburn
2011 – PRESENT
Yoga on the Terrace
2011 – PRESENT
Ministry of Transport
2012 – 2016
2012 – PRESENT


Teaching large classes inspired me to learn how to make one yoga class possible for every age, gender, fitness level and heath condition (including pregnancy).

Experience with corporate classes inspired me to learn about problems arising from the effect of ‘furniture’ and bad posture combined with aging.

Experience with young students inspired me to learn about working with the potential of young bodies and minds and setting them on the path to maintain youthful energy.

Personal training inspired me to deepen understanding of individual history of lifestyle, genetics, injuries and strengths and limitations coming with them.

atma yoga
2004 – Yoga Teacher Training Course (200 Hours)
world conscious yoga family